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If you could snap your fingers and transform your property, what would you do? What might you add or take away?

With Century Contracting, it really can be as simple as snapping your fingers! We can help you transform your Hamilton or Butler, Ohio residential or commercial space for long-lasting beauty and functionality. From decks to additions, our team of skillful specialists can tackle any project that you may have.

Trust 18 years of proven skill

Trust 18 years of proven skill

Thomas Hicks, Century Contracting's owner and operator, has nearly two decades of experience at designing, planning and completing home improvements. From the interior to the exterior of your property, our dedicated team has got you covered.

Get in touch with Century Contracting for your:

  • New deck installation
  • New home or property addition
  • Exterior or structural improvement
  • Commercial contracting work

Reach out to Century Contracting at 513-255-1008 for a free estimate from a home addition contractor in Hamilton or Butler, Ohio!